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Knee Support Brace

StrideOn Knee Support Brace Pack of 2 – Breathable Compression Knee Sleeves for Arthritis, Joint Pain, Tendonitis, ACL Injury, Meniscus Tear, High Impact Sports, General swelling and minor injury management. Our knee supports are perfect for any sports or activity including Football, Rugby, Dance, Hockey, Golf, Gym, Hiking, Running, Tennis, Walking and many more.


The StrideOn designed knee brace provides 360 degree support all of the time. We have 4 sizes from small to extra large. Please use the sizing chart in the slide before ordering the one that best suits you.

Sizing guide. Measure the circumference of your thigh 4" or 10cm from the top of your kneecap. Identify the range from the slide with size information or scroll down to specifications and select the size for you.

Knee pain can have many causes including sports injury from constant pressure during high impact sports. Our knee brace provides compression to the soft tissue around the joint improving movement and as a consequence balance.

If you experience the sensation that your knee could buckle under you or you have pain and or swelling you may benefit from using a knee brace. The feeling of the knee joint being supported provides confidence to your movement.

Each knee support brace comes with anti-slip strips to help keep it comfortably in place whilst you are on the move.



14.5" to 17" / 37cm to 43cm
17" to 19.5" / 43cm to 49.5cm
19.5" to 22" / 49.5cm to 55.5cm
Extra Large
22" to 24.5" / 55.5cm to 62cm
All measurements and weights are subject to change without notice. They can vary slightly due to manufacturing tolerances.