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Why use a StrideOn?

Why use a StrideOn instead of crutches?
Put simply StrideOn Knee Scooters are not only more convenient and comfortable they help maintain your independence at a most difficult time for you.
StrideOn Knee Scooters are easy to use and no tools are required to assemble them. They are designed and commissioned by StrideOn Ltd and are exclusive to StrideOn Ltd.

The StrideOn has the best turning circle of all knee Scooters/Walkers and the wide pneumatic tyres on the Orthomate reduce the impact over uneven surfaces. Both are designed for indoor and outdoor use.

They fold up, so they can easily be stored or put into a car. Many people take them on plane journeys. (Please contact your carrier before travelling.)

Have you tried to carry a hot drink in one hand as well as move on crutches? Not easy. You can accessorise your Knee Walker by ordering a cup holder.

Now try carrying a newspaper and your hot drink whilst on crutches! The StrideOn Knee Scooters come with a basket, so you can transport small light items from place to place.

You require less energy and upper body strength than when using crutches.

Energy use is highlighted in a trial exclusive to StrideOn Knee Walkers and Scooters of the StrideOn versus other support options
StrideOn Knee Walkers will give your injured limb 100% support, unlike crutches where the temptation is to lower the leg as it is unsupported. According to some clinicians this leads to several operations failing due to accidental weight bearing before the healing process has had a chance to succeed. Nobody wants to go through a second operation especially if it could have been avoided through using one of StrideOn’s knee walkers.

Many people find it difficult to hop on one leg, something required when using a walking frame for instance. The StrideOn Knee Scooter makes the need to hop redundant. Your wrists and shoulders will suffer less stress and that must be a good thing.

Have you tried making a cup of tea whilst on crutches? If you have you will know how difficult it is to retain your balance. The StrideOn parking brakes mean you can lock the brake and then use both hands to carry out tasks. Making you more independent at home and able to function in the office.

As you are standing up and gently propelling yourself with your good leg, it keeps muscle groups toned and helps reduce atrophy.

Please don't take our word for it:

Henry Wilmott is one of many Foot and Ankle consultants who both approves and recommends the StrideOn knee walker to his patients.
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