10 Most Asked Questions

We know you don’t have time to read our complete list of frequently asked questions so for those of you in a hurry we compiled the most common questions we get asked. If you are one of the curious types who wants to know even more, please go to Frequently asked questions in the drop down menu.
Does the StrideOn knee scooter turn/steer?
Yes! The unique five wheel design with central steering allows the StrideOn knee scooter to be manoeuvred easily. The StrideOn is similar to a bicycle whereby you turn the handles left or right, which then turns the front wheel in the direction you wish to go.
Does the StrideOn knee scooter fold up?
Yes! The StrideOn knee scooter folds up for easy transportation or storage. There are two options for folding you can either lower down the steering column and then tuck it under the knee pad making the StrideOn knee scooter easy to pick up. Additionally, you are able to fold the frame completely for that extra space if required.
Will my private insurance company pay for the hire of my StrideOn?
You may be able to recover costs; please contact your insurance provider for more details. Please also note that we cannot guarantee you will be reimbursed nor are we able to file on your behalf.
Do I have to pay to return my StrideOn knee walker?
Yes it is included in the delivery costs, we include a pre-paid UPS return label in the box with your hire.
Does my hire period include the delivery time (time in transit)?
No. Your hire period starts on the day you receive your knee walker and ends on the contract end date. You need to inform us 24 hours before the end date that you require it to be collected or extended.
Do I need a prescription to hire a StrideOn knee scooter?
No prescription is needed to hire a StrideOn knee scooter. However, if you plan to make a claim through a insurance provider, please clarify with them in advance.
What if I do not like my StrideOn knee walker?
You can inform us that you do not want your StrideOn knee scooter up to four days after your hire starts. You must inform us within the first 4 days, otherwise you will be charged for the minimum hire period of 2 weeks less courier charges.
What if I would like to cancel my StrideOn knee walker hire?
To cancel your hire, you must notify us by telephone within the first 4 days of your hire. If your StrideOn knee scooter has not been dispatched, a full refund will be issued. Please note that your hire may be dispatched several days before your hire start date in order to reach you in time. If your StrideOn knee scooter has been dispatched you MUST take delivery of your StrideOn knee scooter. If your hire period is on or past the 5th day, your hire cannot be cancelled for a full refund. At that point the 2-week minimum hire applies. The hire ends on the date you inform us that the StrideOn is ready for collection and is verified by your tracking number.
When do I need to send back my StrideOn knee walker?
When your StrideOn hire is over or you no longer need it. Please pack up your StrideOn in the original box and packaging and inform us immediately.
Does the StrideOn knee walker work on carpet?
Yes, the StrideOn will work on most carpets.