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The StrideOn

Designed for Mobility

The StrideOn knee walker, the alternative to crutches, has been designed to provide you with independence and dignity during a recovery from a non-weight bearing injury.

It provides support for your injured limb 100% of the time, so you do not have to think about it, unlike crutches where it is a constant struggle to keep your limb of the ground.

Its five-wheel configuration gives you the most stable and safe platform with a unique turning capability.

approved, the StrideOn is the most manoeuvrable knee walker in the market today. That counts for a lot when it comes to negotiating small spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom.

You will be pleased to know you can rent one or buy one with next day delivery.

"Having needed and used the StrideOn myself, I consider both the product and the Company's service to be excellent"
Dr Mollie E Lord
StrideOn from above
Orthomate front/side view

The Orthomate

The approved Orthomate, designed by StrideOn, with its pneumatic tyres enhances your freedom with a smooth and stable ride over uneven terrain supporting your injured limb 100% of the time.

Known as the British bulldog of knee scooters amongst the StrideOn team it performs at its best when fresh air is what you crave. Keeping fit and active is just as important whilst recovering from a lower limb injury as it was prior to sustaining one or undergoing surgery.

The Orthomate is a favourite with UK sports personalities and you can rent or buy one today with next day delivery.

"I cannot tell you how much comfort, help and freedom this genius invention has given me."
Ran London

Small and Light

We know you want to be able to go anywhere. Our knee walkers are designed to take as little space as possible. The lightweight frames are easy to carry, simple to fold and store. When its not in use pack it away or stow it in your car for travel. StrideOn products provide you with peace of mind that no matter where you go your knee walker will go with you.

Orthomate front/side view

What our customers say

Excellent trouble free service, my Strideon arrived safely and exactly as promised, thank you so much. It is easy to use compared to crutches it is transforming my recovery from ankle replacement.
StrideOn O logo

Anthony, Hertfordshire

StrideOn Customer

Your machines have been absolute lifesavers, without them my wife would have been reduced to using a wheel chair with me pushing or a walking frame for in the house. The latter would have meant all her weight carried on one foot for 10 weeks. The Stride On has allowed her to lead as normal a life as possible & far more normal than we thought would be possible. We are in your debt.
StrideOn O logo

Anthony, Somerset

StrideOn Customer

Sadly I now have to return your wonderful StrideOn as my plaster has been removed and I have to now partial weight bear. I couldn't have managed without it as it enabled me to prepare food, washing, ironing and even go shopping, which helped take the load off my hard working husband. Thank you from both of us.
StrideOn O logo

Sue, Powys

StrideOn Customer

The Stride On has been brilliant and given me so much more freedom and independence.
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Michelle, Gloucestershire

StrideOn Customer

I would like to say how amazing this devise is. My mum has arthritis in both hands and so using crutches wasn't an option. She found it so easy to get around with the StrideOn. It has given her some independence during this time and has truly has been a godsend.
StrideOn O logo

Teresa, Essex

StrideOn Customer

I am singing your praises far and wide both for the product and for all your help and prompt assistance. It means a great deal at a time when I have felt at my most vulnerable. Thanks once again for all your help.
StrideOn O logo

Ann, Wiltshire

StrideOn Customer

Knee Walker Accessories


StrideOn Knee Walkers are designed to support your lifestyle. Useful accessories like the removable basket allow you the freedom to shop, or grab a drink on the go with the drinks holder and mug. We also stock spare parts in the unlikely event that something needs to be replaced.

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