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The StrideOn

Designed for Mobility

The StrideOn knee walker, the alternative to crutches, has been designed to provide you with independence and dignity during a recovery from a non-weight bearing injury.

It provides support for your injured limb 100% of the time, so you do not have to think about it, unlike crutches where it is a constant struggle to keep your limb of the ground.

Its five-wheel configuration gives you the most stable and safe platform with a unique turning capability.

The StrideOn is the most manoeuvrable knee walker in the market today. That counts for a lot when it comes to negotiating small spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom.

You will be pleased to know you can rent one or buy one with next day delivery.

StrideOn from above
"Having needed and used the StrideOn myself, I consider both the product and the Company's service to be excellent"
Dr Mollie E Lord
Orthomate front/side view

The Orthomate

Great for Outdoors

The Orthomate, designed by StrideOn, with its pneumatic tyres enhances your freedom with a smooth and stable ride over uneven terrain supporting your injured limb 100% of the time.

Known as the British bulldog of knee scooters amongst the StrideOn team it performs at its best when fresh air is what you crave. Keeping fit and active is just as important whilst recovering from a lower limb injury as it was prior to sustaining one or undergoing surgery.

The Orthomate is a favourite with UK sports personalities and you can rent or buy one today with next day delivery.

"I cannot tell you how much comfort, help and freedom this genius invention has given me."
Ran London

Drink Holder

Drink Holder
Cast Cover


Everything you need

StrideOn Knee Walkers are designed to support your lifestyle. Useful accessories allow you the freedom to shop, or grab a drink on the go with the drinks holder.

Premium & Memory Foam knee pads

Add an extra 2 inch layer of superior comfort and support with our Premium kneepad. It comes with a non-slip backing to reduce movement whilst on the go. Available on both models.

Fully adjustable memory foam knee pad. Forms to your shape in seconds and adds that extra support and comfort that your knee will thank you for. Available on the Orthomate knee scooter only.

Cast Protector Range

Waterproof Cast and Bandage Protectors designed to protect dressings and injuries while showering & bathing.

Small and Light

Easy to store and travel

We know you want to be able to go anywhere. Our knee walkers are designed to take as little space as possible.

The lightweight frames are easy to carry, simple to fold and store. When it's not in use pack it away or stow it in your car for travel.

StrideOn products provide you with peace of mind that no matter where you go your knee walker will go with you.

Orthomate front/side view


What our customers say

I would like to start by thanking you for providing this sanity saving device. Having a 2 year old and living without the use of my hands whilst on crutches was impossible. The StrideOn enabled me to get my life back as a person and a parent.
StrideOn O logo

Martha, Gloucestershire

StrideOn Customer

I cannot tell you how much comfort help and freedom this genius invention has given me. It helped me deal with my injury and to continue living a normal life without missing out on anything. Despite being fit I was not able to use crutches. They took too much energy even just round the house little alone outside. I learnt to use it very quickly and it gave me maximum control safety and mobility. I have written this review because I do not think enough people are aware of this genius invention and they should be. As a visitor to the UK this has meant my Brother and I could enjoy the long planned visit.
StrideOn O logo

Ran, London

StrideOn Customer

What a wonderful product! Not often that you can say 'this has changed my life', but being able to carry a cup of tea from one room to another after several weeks of not being able to do such a thing was simply wonderful.
StrideOn O logo

William, Northamptonshire

StrideOn Customer

I am sending this email with the hope that you can use it as a huge recommendation for your service . The Stride on has just been collected, it packed away with great ease following your clear instructions. It has helped my husband through this critical time of recovery post ankle surgery when he had to be largely non weight bearing. I honestly don't know how he would have managed without it. Good service, very easy to extend the time of rental, great and safe mobility aid (we even went out to dinner in our village using it) and very easy at the end of rental time to return it. Once again many thanks.
StrideOn O logo

Felicity, London

StrideOn Customer

With a fractured tibia StrideOn was a total life changer. Can't speak highly enough of the wee scooter.
StrideOn O logo

Denise Smallwood, Taunton

StrideOn Customer

Absolutely Brilliant. After breaking my ankle and also having severe carpal tunnel, using crutches whilst I was non weight bearing for six weeks was horrendous. I hired a strideon knee scooter which took a few days to get used to, once I did the difference it made was unbelievable. Thank you so much!
StrideOn O logo

Stephanie Worledge, Plymouth

StrideOn Customer

The strideOn made a difference to my partners independence and ability to do normal daily activities. We feel your company provided excellent service by delivering the strideOn promptly, providing excellent information, keeping in regular contact, letting us know when our rental period was due to expire, and always being polite and friendly.
StrideOn O logo

Ade, West Midlands

StrideOn Customer

I would like to congratulate you on your excellent service. My wife, who had a broken leg and dislocated ankle found the strideon very easy to use and much better than crutches. She found that it gave her greater freedom, both in the house and outside. We have left your cards with the plaster room at Wexford Park hospital, the staff thought that it was amazing, and with our physiotherapist who thought that it was brilliant. A superb device.
StrideOn O logo

William, Buckinghamshire

StrideOn Customer

Having needed and used the StrideOn myself, I consider both the product and the company's service to be excellent. I will be recommending it to both patients and colleagues.
StrideOn O logo

Dr Mollie E Lord, North Yorkshire

StrideOn Customer

I am singing your praises far and wide both for the product and for all your help and prompt assistance. It means a great deal at a time when I have felt at my most vulnerable. Thanks once again for all your help.
StrideOn O logo

Ann, Wiltshire

StrideOn Customer

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