What you can expect

A company focused on supporting your independence and contributing to your mental wellbeing at a difficult moment in time.

A tried and tested product

The StrideOn knee walker has been clinically tested by the Department of Trauma and Orthopaedics, Torbay Hospital and the results statistically verified by the Department of Health Statistics, Plymouth University UK, resulting in approval by the South Devon NHS Foundation Research and Development Department. Read more Tried and Tested
What does it mean? it means if you rent or buy from StrideOn, you are safe in the knowledge that you have invested in the only clinically approved knee walker product on the market today.

A Wealth of Experience

StrideOn Ltd was formed in 2011 solely for the purpose of helping those who find crutches difficult and want to retain their independence whilst recovering from non-weight bearing injuries below the knee. The StrideOn and Orthomate are designed by us for you.
Our machines have helped thousands of patients worldwide and our knowledgeable staff, some of whom have had the experience of using it for their recovery, are well versed in all things knee walker. Our experience means we really know what we are talking about and that means you will be supported by a dedicated, empathetic, informed and professional team. See what our customers have to say

A Streamlined and Dedicated Service

Next day delivery to your door - with choices for expediated delivery. Read more Shipping
Collections from your door - all you need to do is call us the day before you want your knee scooter collected and we book the courier for you.
Free delivery and collection - see our terms and conditions. Terms and conditions
Someone to talk to - dedicated staff you can always call during opening hours. Contact Us
Simple straight forward returns policy. Returns

Knee Walkers for all occasions

The StrideOn knee walker is the most versatile, stable, sturdy and manoeuvrable available and it can be used inside and out but excels inside because of its patented turning capability, it is truly unlike any other. The StrideOn
The Orthomate with its air-filled tyres was designed to give you a smoother ride over uneven terrain and it comes into its own outside but can also be used inside. The Orthomate