Purchasing v Hiring your Knee Walker

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Decisions, decisions………..
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It would be good if we all had a crystal ball to hand at times like this. What we can tell you is most people with lower leg non-weight bearing injuries will need support for between 4 to 6 weeks. Where the crystal ball clouds over, and that happens, you might find, depending on the injury, that is just not long enough. Below are some pointers to help…

Options for consideration

The no brainer – If you are going to be non-weight bearing for more than 4 months and you can afford it, go for the purchase option.
From time to time we release part of our rental stock for second hand sales. They are extremely popular so you need to keep an eye on the website to make sure you do not miss out.
The no brainer with a twist – Hire one and convert to a purchase. This just means you can put your rental payments towards the purchase over a maximum of 16 weeks and then it is all yours. At any time, in-between 2 and 16 weeks you can request a conversion and we will do the sums for you and you can decide if the time is right to buy.

News & Offers


No matter which way you go we offer FREE delivery and collection (T & C's apply) and a simple returns policy. If you tell us in the first 4 days of your purchase or rental that it is not for you, we will give you a full refund less courier charges.
If you have decided to buy and no longer want it you might decide to give it to a charity, hospital or friend. If none of those appeal it is always worth asking us to buy it back.


A number of customers buy because they have further operations to consider. It is important to keep your machine in tip top condition, so please follow the basic maintenance suggestions in the User Guide. Keep your box somewhere safe in case you would like us to do any maintenance for you as you will need it to return to us.