• Lisa Elvin's Inspiring Journey. Competition Winner

  • Celebrating Mobility and Independence

    We are thrilled to announce Lisa Elvin as the winner of our recent photo competition, walking away with £200! Lisa's entry was not just a testament to her resilience but also highlighted the crucial role of the knee walker in her recovery journey.

    In her own words, Lisa shared, "This is me at my daughter’s graduation in Portsmouth on 24 July 2023, heading towards the Prosecco tent! The knee walker certainly helped my recovery from surgery for ligament and tendon reconstruction. I was in a cast and non-weight bearing - the knee walker was brilliant and enabled me to get about independently and such a great alternative to crutches."

    Lisa's story is a wonderful reminder of how the right mobility aid can provide not just physical support but also a sense of independence and participation in important life events. Her ability to attend and enjoy her daughter’s graduation, despite recovering from surgery, underscores the knee walker's value beyond mere mobility – it's about life moments that matter.

    Our knee walkers offer a great alternative to crutches, allowing for easier and more comfortable navigation. You can find out more about them here.

    Congratulations once again to Lisa Elvin!

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