• Celebrating Our Photo Competition Winner. Wendy Dye's Orthomate Adventure

  • At StrideOn, we value our customers and love hearing about their recovery journeys with our mobility aids. We recently hosted a photo competition, encouraging our customers to share their Orthomate and StrideOn adventures with us. The response was overwhelming, with numerous incredible entries that showcased the resilience and spirit of our customers. Among the entrants, Wendy Dye stood out as our deserving winner. In this blog, we celebrate Wendy's winning photo and share her remarkable recovery story.

    Wendy's Orthomate Adventure

    Wendy Dye's Orthomate adventure took her to a place filled with excitement, cheers, and the joy of victory at the Portman Road stadium - home to Ipswich Town Football Club. It was a sunny Saturday on the 23rd of September when Wendy took her Orthomate to attend a football match. Ipswich Town was set to play, and the atmosphere was electric.

    Wendy's recent injury, a fractured fifth metatarsal, had hindered her mobility. At this point, she could only heel walk, making her Orthomate an absolute godsend. With determination and a sense of adventure, Wendy used her Orthomate to make her way down to the stadium, joining the rest of the fans to cheer for her favourite football team.

    A Remarkable Victory

    The day turned out to be even more memorable as Ipswich Town secured a thrilling 4-3 victory. Wendy's smile in the winning photo captured the essence of that moment. Her Orthomate had not only provided her with mobility but had also given her the freedom to enjoy her passion for football.

    Wendy's Recovery Journey

    In Wendy's own words, "It means I can still maintain an element of my physical fitness, maintain my independence, plus keep mentally sane by scooting on down to watch my favorite football team. It's a win-win situation and not just for Ipswich Town!" Her recovery journey was a testament to her determination and positive outlook.

    Jim Sutton, a representative from StrideOn, expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming response to the photo competition. He said, "We were inundated with amazing photos from our customers, each one telling a unique story of recovery and resilience. Wendy's photo perfectly encapsulates the spirit of our customers and the difference our mobility aids make in their lives. We're thrilled to award her the £200 prize."

    Wendy Dye's Orthomate adventure serves as a shining example of how determination, independence, and the right mobility aid can empower individuals during their recovery journeys. At StrideOn, we are proud to be a part of these inspiring stories, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Wendy for her well-deserved win. Wendy's journey reminds us that no injury can dampen the spirit of those determined to embrace life to the fullest.