• How StrideOn Aids in Achilles Tendon Rupture Recovery in Rugby Players

  • As it’s the Rugby World Cup, we thought this was the ideal time to write a blog about how we have helped rugby players with Achilles Tendon Rupture recovery. One of our customers was the fantastic George Ford. Just recently, he steered England to a triumphant victory over Argentina and we look forward to supporting him in the rest of the season.
    George Ford

    George Ford, known for his incredible skills on the rugby pitch, faced a challenging Achilles tendon rupture. The road to recovery from such an injury is long and demanding, requiring expert care and mobility aids that can match the dedication of athletes like Ford. StrideOn proved to be a game-changer, supporting Ford throughout his rehabilitation process with our Orthomate.

    In an unforgettable Rugby World Cup moment, George Ford showcased his mettle by driving a 14-man England to a heroic victory over Argentina. His performance was nothing short of exceptional, with all his points coming from precise kicking – a feat that would have made even Jonny Wilkinson proud.

    You can read more about George Ford’s recovery here.
    You can also read the recent article on George’s victory on The Guardian here.

    The Gloucester Rugby Team's Journey

    The Gloucester Rugby Team has also encountered Achilles tendon ruptures among their team. These injuries can be career-threatening for any athlete, but with the right rehabilitation tools, recovery becomes a reality.

    StrideOn has been the choice of many rugby players during their rehabilitation. Its user-friendly design, stability, and durability make it an ideal companion in the journey back to peak performance.

    You can read more about their story here.

    The Rugby Guy (Jarryd Harris)

    Jarryd Harris, affectionately known as "The Rugby Guy," embarked on a courageous journey to recovery after surgery. StrideOn played a vital role in his rehabilitation, ensuring that he could maintain mobility and independence during this challenging period.
    You can read more about Jarryd’s recovery here.
    These are just a small example of the sports people we support when recovering from any lower leg injury or surgery. The StrideOn and the Orthomate are the ideal mobility aid for people wanting to maintain their independence whilst recovering.
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