• How people are using our knee walkers

  • We are constantly being sent photos of our customers on their StrideOn or Orthomate and thought we would share how people are using our knee walkers.

    Keep moving and having fun

    Harley Salter and Michelle Harry have sent us wonderful pictures of how they are continuing to enjoy themselves whilst having to use a knee scooter.

    You can read Harley’s incredible story here >

    Michelle entered our photo competition and came a very close second with this wonderful image and these comments:
    “The knee scooter has helped me from putting my foot down. I am meant to be non weight-bearing and this makes sure my foot is kept out of the way. Crutches were so hard and hurt my wrist - and of course, I kept putting my foot down. With the knee scooter I feel safe, sturdy and independent!”

    You can read Michelle’s entry here >

    Staying motivated during a sport injury

    We supply our StrideOn and Orthomate knee walkers to a range of sports people from rugby to bike racers.

    Our knee walkers are a way for our sports people to maintain their independence whilst recovering from injuries, such as Achilles tendon ruptures, that are incredibly common.

    In March 2020, Jarryd aka The Rugby Guy, ruptured his Achilles tendon during a match which meant surgery and several weeks recovery.

    You can read his full story here >

    Professional health workers use and recommend
    Our knee walkers are recommended by health professionals throughout the UK including hospitals and physiotherapists.

    We were recently featured in the Daily Mail by being recommended by leading London physiotherapist, Sammy Margo, as a top five must have post-fall and post-operation aid.

    You can read the full article here >

    One of our main referrers is Whittington Health Trust in London and one of their team Ray, an Orthopaedic Practitioner, has just used the Orthomate following an Haglund's deformity operation.

    Read Ray’s full story here >

    Get about the house and garden
    Our recent photo competition winner Shirley Prendergast is a great example of how to keep your independence using a StrideOn knee scooter.
    Getting about the house and in the garden when recovering from surgery or an injury is essential and our StrideOn is ideal to maintain independence during these times.

    You can read Shirley’s story here >

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