• Our winner of the photo contest October 2022

  • We are extremely pleased to announce Shirley Prendergast as our winner of the £200 photo contest which closed today the 30th of September. It was a close run race with some really fabulous photos and stories. A big thank you to all of you who entered.

    We loved the photo of Shirley with her cat. It demonstrates the flexibility and versatility of the StrideOn and, in particular it emphasises how your independence and mental wellbeing can be maintained despite a non-weight bearing injury.

    Here are Shirley’s comments and even more wonderful photos of the StrideOn and how it has helped with daily activities.
    “Here you can see me using the Brilliant Stride-on! It has kept me mobile and kept me sane as my foot has begun to heal over the last 7 weeks  (6 more to go!)
    As you can see, in the kitchen my Stride-On lets me stand comfortably and safely and use both hands to make a coffee and cook. 
    I can negotiate the step out into the garden where the nifty Stride-On basket allows me to take my book, a cup of tea (in a sealed carry-cup) and even secateurs and string for a quick gardening session. 
    Last but not least, our three cats adore Stride-On because they know that with it they are guaranteed their daily brushing!”
    “I tripped over a rake and suffered a complex Lissfranc fracture to my left foot which has been repaired using screws and a metal plate. 

    I used a walking frame for the first 2 weeks after the operation but found the jarring and the pressure of hopping around was exhausting and damaging my hands and my right hip and knee. 
    StrideOn made an immediate difference - carrying the weight of the heavy cast and allowing me to move around faster and more comfortably. It was also safer- the brakes provided a stable base from which I could use both hands and balance myself and thus be more independent. 
    I think this combination of safety, relief from pain and discomfort, ease of movement and more independence is hugely valuable and I cannot recommend the Stride-On highly enough (it’s also great fun!).”