• Going on holiday with a lower leg injury

  • Going on holiday with a lower leg injury or recovering from surgery can be a trial, however the StrideOn and Orthomate knee walkers can help you enjoy yourself and do the things you want to do.

    Here are some tips for when you want to travel.

    Consult your doctor. You definitely want to get the medical green light before you go and find out what you can and can’t do. Our knee walkers are recommended by health professionals throughout the UK and are NHS approved therefore, if your doctor doesn’t mention using one, please feel free to suggest it.

    Pack the right gear. A small backpack will help with your day to day items as carrying weight on only one shoulder is not recommended. We would also suggest taking a waterproof cast cover so that you can shower and paddle in the pool/sea! We have these available to buy here >

    Get disability assistance. Call or email the airline ahead of time to arrange for assistance at the airport. If you have limited mobility due to your injury you can notify them that you will be bringing a knee walker to help you.

    Pick the right accommodation. If you have mobility issues, you’ll want an easy place to stay. Reserve rooms with accessible showers if needed and/or request a shower stool. Let people know early what your needs will be so they can work to accommodate them.

    Have money for tips. People will be helping you navigate the airport, shuttles and taxis – and will be giving you extra service at hotels. It’s always lovely to show your gratitude for the extra help.

    Give yourself extra time. Build in extra time for the airport and trip activities. The last thing you want to do is hurry, which could put you at risk for re-injury. Also give yourself extra time for pre-travel prep and packing.

    Practice self care. Be careful. Ask for help and move slowly. You are in healing mode and need extra care. Let people help you. Pack snacks for travel days and trip excursions. Be good to yourself. Remember don’t overdo it and ensure you read the ‘User Guide’, particularly the safety and maintenance sections.

    Hire or Buy?
    Depending on the recovery time will determine whether you want to hire or buy a knee walker. Hiring is simple and can be from two weeks, just choose your delivery date and return date when you order. If you need to hire for longer, it’s no problem, just let us know.
    If you are going to be non-weight bearing for more than 4 months and you can afford it, go for the purchase option.
    You can also hire one and convert to a purchase at any time, in-between 2 and 16 weeks.
    Find out more here >

    Taking the StrideOn on an airplane 
    All the major airlines allow you to use your StrideOn Knee Walker right up to the aircraft door. Your walker will then be placed in the hold by staff attending the gate. On your arrival at your destination your Knee Scooter will be available at the aircraft door ready for you to continue your journey.
    It is advisable just to fold up your StrideOn when you arrive at the gate ready for it to be stowed. It is also recommended that you contact your airline and inform them you are travelling with your walker. Also, you should enquire with your airline if the aircraft is accessible for you or would you require an escort or assistance to the aircraft door.
    You can read more advice here >

    StrideOn or Orthomate?
    Depending on your holiday, and what you need for your daily activities, will have an impact on whether you want to use a StrideOn or Orthomate knee scooter.
    The main difference is whether you need an all-terrain or more indoor knee walker. The Orthomate is best suited to people wanting to spend most of their time outdoors while recovering from a lower leg injury. The StrideOn has excellent turning capacity and excels on even surfaces inside or outside.

    You can find out more about the differences that can help you decide here >

    StrideOn, making non-weight bearing holidays possible.

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