• Travelling with a StrideOn Knee Walker

  • If you are going on holiday or travelling on business, visiting relatives and have had an operation on your foot or lower leg, you do not have to let your disability stop you, we answer your concerns below.

    Can I travel on a plane with a StrideOn Knee Walker?

    The simple answer to this question is yes you can.
    Airports are easily accessible these days with staff on hand to help.
    All the major airlines allow you to use your StrideOn Knee Walker right up to the aircraft door. Your walker will then be placed in the hold by staff attending the gate. On your arrival at your destination your Knee Scooter will be available at the aircraft door ready for you to continue your journey.
    It is advisable just to fold up your StrideOn when you arrive at the gate ready for it to be stowed. It is also recommended that you contact your airline and inform them you are travelling with your walker. Also, you should enquire with your airline if the aircraft is accessible for you or would you require an escort or assistance to the aircraft door.
    It is possible on the odd occasion your gate is accessed down or upstairs. Access through security is also accepted with your Knee Scooter. Of course, they will want to check the walker as well as yourself, but staff are very used to dealing with these situations. Bathrooms are also very accessible in most airports to accommodate people with disability equipment giving extra room to manoeuvre.

    Using your Knee Scooter around the airports is a breeze and 100% better than using crutches! Having access everywhere will enable you to carry on your daily life on your StrideOn.

    Can I travel on a cruise ship with my StrideOn knee Walker? 

    This is something you can also do with considerable ease; cruise ships are very knee walker friendly and accepted. For peace of mind just give your cruise line a call and inform them you will be using a StrideOn. Yes, there might be the odd place on the ship that is not so easy for you as there might be a threshold or step that maybe too high to manoeuvre on your own. This would be an unusual occurrence where you might need a little assistance. You will be surprised how quickly and easily it is to move around the ship.

    So, if you have had an accident or operation on your lower leg and have a trip booked you can still go with the perfect solution of hiring a Knee Walker.

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