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Drink Cup Holder

The drink holder enables you to take your favourite beverage with you when you are on the go. It is simple and quick to fit and will hold an average base size mug of 90mm. Such as the StrideOn Thermal Travel Mug. Fits all of our Knee Scooters and can be fixed to all round tubes vertical or horizontal 18mm - 25mm.


The drink holder is a great way to treat yourself to an affordable practical and useful companion whilst recovering.

To get the best out of the drink holder we suggest you use a thermo mug with a lid as this will keep you safe when on the move and your drink intact.

Frequently bought together.
Why not take the guess-work or searching-effort away.... for the perfect cup to fit the holder. The StrideOn Thermal Travel Mug is the perfect fit with a spill-proof lid and easy grip handle. Tested and selected by the team here at StrideOn. A high quality Stainless Steel Classic design. You'll find it under our Accessories.


  • Easy Fit

    Place the rubber insert into the U shaped bracket, place onto the T bar, thread the cup holder through the U bracket and tighten the knob.

    Perfect Fit

    Take the guesswork out of which Travel Mug to use. We have done that for you - see our complimentary accessories.

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