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Ankle Cast Protector

Adult Ankle Waterproof Cast and Bandage Protector Designed to Protect Dressings and Injuries While Showering or Bathing


WATERTIGHT FOOT/ANKLE DRESSING COVER: Keep plaster casts, bandages & dressings dry whilst showering & bathing. 100% Waterproof cover protects your foot injury allowing you to bathe with peace of mind.
EASY TO USE: Simply slip the waterproof ring over your foot then pull down to form a protective waterproof seal. This can be done one handed for easy use.
DURABLE & REUSABLE: Excellent watertight seal, the material is elastic thermoplastic with high seal for medical use. It is strong, durable & guaranteed to last. Product is suitable for daily use to maintain your hygiene post surgery & during recovery.
ANKLE / FOOT: Plenty of room for foot & cast to comfortably fit inside.
UNIVERSAL FIT: Suitable for men & women and can be worn on the left or right leg. Please check the measurements provided to ensure full coverage


Maximum Height
Maximum Foot Length
All measurements and weights are subject to change without notice and can vary .5"/1lb due to manufacturing tolerances.