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  • Spring might finally be on its way, bringing with it the promise of sunny days, blooming flowers, and the much-anticipated holiday season. For those navigating the recovery journey from a lower leg injury or surgery, the arrival of spring can bring a mix of emotions. The desire to get outside and embrace the warming weather clashes with the reality of mobility restrictions. However, the Orthomate by StrideOn is here to bridge that gap, ensuring that your recovery doesn't hold you back from enjoying this beautiful season.
    Discover the Outdoor Orthomate
    The Orthomate Knee Scooter, a standout product from StrideOn, is specifically designed to tackle the challenges posed by outdoor terrains. Incorporating the innovative addition of wide pneumatic tyres, the Orthomate ensures a smoother ride over uneven surfaces such as grass, pavements, and even those pesky cobblestone paths. It's the only 4-wheel knee scooter on the market to offer this feature as a standard, highlighting StrideOn's commitment to enhancing mobility and comfort.
    Assembly Made Easy
    One of the most daunting aspects of using new mobility aids can be the setup. StrideOn understands this, which is why the Orthomate Knee Walker requires no tools to assemble. With a fully adjustable knee pad and handlebar for height adjustment, it's ready for use in just a few minutes. This ease of assembly means you can quickly get back to what matters most - enjoying your independence.
    Designed for Convenience
    The Orthomate comes equipped with a basket, making it effortless to carry light items from room to room. For those looking for a bit more independence, there’s the option to have a cup holder & travel mug. This feature is particularly handy when navigating outdoor events or simply enjoying a morning coffee in the garden.
    Moreover, the dual brake mechanism, which also functions as a park brake, provides stability while using both hands for daily tasks. Whether you're attending to garden plants or preparing a picnic, the Orthomate ensures you do so with ease and safety.
    Comfort and Adaptability
    Comfort during recovery is non-negotiable. The Orthomate features a 3-inch cushioned orthopaedic knee pad, designed to keep your injured leg in the correct position and as comfortable as possible. The adaptability of the knee pad, able to accommodate either a left or right leg injury, reflects the thoughtful design of StrideOn products.
    Storage and Transport
    The steering tiller of the Orthomate can be lowered (as detailed in the User Guide), facilitating easy storage or placement in a car boot. This feature ensures that your knee scooter doesn't become a cumbersome addition to your home or travels.
    Supporting Everyone
    Recognising the diverse needs of its users, the Orthomate Knee Scooter supports a maximum user weight of 25 stone/350lbs/159 kg. It's a testament to StrideOn's commitment to inclusivity, ensuring everyone has the support they need during recovery.
    As spring unfolds, don't let recovery dampen your spirits or confine you indoors. The Orthomate by StrideOn offers a solution that marries mobility with the joys of the season.
    Whether you're planning a holiday or simply enjoying the comfort of your garden, the Orthomate ensures you do so with ease, comfort, and independence. For those interested in exploring more about mobility solutions and tips for an active recovery, our other blogs, linked below, offer a wealth of information.
    Embrace the season of renewal with the Orthomate Knee Scooter, available for hire or purchase, ensuring your spring and the many adventures it brings are enjoyed to the fullest.

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