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  • The Benefits of Knee Scooter Hire

    • Why have an all-terrain knee scooter at all? Put simply, life goes on despite the scheduled ankle replacement or recently sustained lower leg injury and where possible you need to carry on with it!

    • It could be argued that too much activity post op might not be a good thing for the recovery phase. On the other hand, it could be great to have the opportunity to be able to go outside or it might be that you must because your lifestyle demands it. A bit of fresh air can do wonders for your mental health. Clearly between your medical team and yourself, you need to discuss what is best for you.

    • Here at StrideOn we just wanted to provide you with the option. We have done this by designing the best cross over Knee Scooter available, the Orthomate. We can say that because we gave it wide pneumatic tyres to cushion and stabilise you on uneven terrain but made sure they were not too big so you could use it indoors.
    • The Orthomate has fantastic braking capability with its dual rear brake paddle, just perfect for when you are out and about. It goes without saying that all Knee Scooters/Walkers should be used at gentle walking pace using small strides, so you are always in control.

    • Winter is rolling in and according to some sources we are all short of vitamin D! Time to get outside and soak up all the sunshine that is available. If you are unfortunate enough to have a lower leg non-weight bearing injury, then perhaps the answer is to contact StrideOn and either rent one with next day delivery or for longer recovery periods purchase one.

    • We will be there every step of the way to help with supporting your recovery. Remember happiness is made up of many things but surely retaining your independence when you have a non-weight bearing injury is up there.

    • Safe scooting from the StrideOn team.