• StrideOn to Sustainability

  • According to figures released in 2019, nearly four in every five aids such as walking sticks, wheelchairs and crutches were never returned to the NHS by its patients.

    And since 2014 241,779 pieces of medical equipment like wheelchairs and walking sticks went missing and ended up in landfill!

    At StrideOn Ltd we encourage rental as opposed to purchasing because we know people who purchase generally do not need a knee walker for more than 6 weeks as an average and in a number of cases purchased machines either end up in a cupboard or at the tip.  

    We maintain our machines to a high standard, so we can maximise the life span of our products. As a responsible rental business, we use recyclable cardboard to transport our machines to and from the customer and we aim to use the same box as many times as possible before it goes for recycling.
    StrideOn makes it really easy to return too. At the end of your hire when you’re all healed, simply pack up your StrideOn in the original box. Then attach the prepaid shipping label, included in your rental pack, over the existing label on the box.

    Once packed up, simply call us to arrange collection on 01823 216202.

    One of our clients, Felicity from London, loved how easy it was to return and also the difference it made to her husband’s life. She said: 

    “The StrideOn has just been collected, it packed away with great ease following your clear instructions. It has helped my husband through this critical time of recovery post ankle surgery. I honestly don't know how he would have managed without it. Good service, very easy to extend the time of rental, great and safe mobility aid and very easy at the end of rental time to return it.”

    Helping the environment is just one of the benefits to using the UK’s number one knee walker. They are also:

    100% supportive 
    Our knee scooters keep your healing limb comfortable, off the ground and raised out of harm's way at all times.

    Easy to use and highly manoeuvrable
    Use it like a scooter - it takes seconds to learn. Very useful around the home, shops or office. Take back your freedom!

    Fully adjustable for comfort
    Both the knee pad and handle bars are height adjustable, so you can adjust them to fit you. It's very comfortable to use and easy to adjust.
    And using crutches is tiring
    Keeping the healing limb off the ground is tiring on the thigh muscles and general posture. Not with a StrideOn knee walker: you can stand normally and get on with your everyday life.

    Source of figures - Press Association – Freedom of Information.