• Sporting injuries - time to StrideOn!

    • When you sustain a sports injury whilst playing or training it can be a real shock, especially if your recovery means you are non-weight bearing for a considerable period.

    • The outcome of your sporting activity can be anything from a broken ankle, Achilles tendon rupture, metatarsal fracture, lateral ankle sprain (common with athletes), stress fractures, peroneal tendon injuries, to mention a few.

    • Over the years, and even more recently, StrideOn knee walkers have helped sports people to retain their independence at a difficult time and, sometimes, have even got them back into the gym. The knee scooters give injured limbs 100% support all of the time.

    • Some of the sports people & sport influencers who have used our StrideOn & Orthomate include:

    Megan Beesley
    Athlete - Foot stress fracture
    Claire McLaughlin
    Irish International Rugby Player - Ankle injury

    Henry Trinder
    English Rugby Union - Achilles tendon rupture
    James Hanson
    Gloucestershire Rugby - Achilles tendon rupture

    Rachel Atherton 
    British Mountain Bike Racer - Achilles tendon rupture