• Recovering from bunion surgery

  • Did you know that many of our knee scooter rental customers have recently had Bunion surgery?

    It is believed that as many as 1,000,000 people are afflicted by this condition every year. It is also a little-known fact that the majority of Bunion patients are female.

    Why is that?
    It’s because historically they have worn high heel shoes, and footwear that restricts movement.

    A Bunion is when the big toe rubs on the second toe, because its angle has changed, this in turn presses on your shoe, causing the deformity. This condition means that the other toes have to take more of the strain from the weight put onto the foot, it can be very uncomfortable causing quite severe pain as the toes are out of their normal position.
    Having an operation to relieve this is an option, if all else fails. If you do opt for surgery, you will usually be non – weight bearing on that foot for some weeks.
    This is where to aid in your recovery a StrideOn Knee Walker would enable you to lead an almost normal daily life without trying to use uncomfortable crutches. Just kneel on the knee pad and scoot around indoors or outside. People who use a StrideOn Knee Walker find it aids their recovery much quicker.

    You will be able to steer your StrideOn around your home / supermarket / work place without the danger of putting your foot down and potentially extending the recovery period.

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