• Recovering from Flat Foot Reconstruction with a Knee Scooter

  •  Flat foot reconstruction is a surgical procedure aimed at correcting the alignment and functionality of the foot for those suffering from flat feet.

    This condition can lead to pain, discomfort, and difficulties in movement, making surgical intervention a necessary step for many to regain a normal, pain-free life.
    Post-surgery recovery is crucial and managing mobility during this period is a major concern for patients.

    This is where our knee scooters can become invaluable tools. We look at how our knee walkers can transform the recovery experience after flat foot reconstruction surgery.

    Understanding Flat Foot Reconstruction
    Flat foot reconstruction involves various surgical techniques used to correct the arches of the feet that have collapsed.
    The surgery may involve tendon transfers, bone cuts, joint fusions, or implants, depending on the severity and specific issues of the patient. Post-operative care typically requires patients to remain non-weightbearing for an extended period, which can significantly impact their daily life.

    A Customer’s Journey with a Knee Scooter
    One of our customers shared their experience with using a StrideOn knee scooter following their flat foot reconstruction surgery.

    After undergoing the procedure on one ankle in May 2021, they initially purchased a knee scooter. Thinking they would not need it again, they sold it, only to realise its necessity after having to undergo the same surgery on the other ankle.

    Here's what she had to say:
    "I had flat foot reconstruction surgery May 2021, I purchased a scooter and sold it thinking I wouldn’t need it again. How wrong was I, had the same surgery but different ankle 7 weeks ago and was non-weightbearing for 5 weeks post-op. The scooter was a lifesaver and I’ve barely had to use the crutches. I extended the rental period, this was done via email and was sorted within a couple of minutes. The scooter is due to be returned tomorrow and is all packed and labelled. Best invention ever and I cannot fault StrideOn as a company."

    The Benefits of Using a Knee Scooter During Recovery
    Mobility and Independence: Knee scooters provide a stable platform that supports the lower leg without requiring any weight to be placed on the foot. This allows individuals recovering from flat foot reconstruction to move around freely without the limitations associated with crutches.

    Ease of Use and Comfort: Unlike crutches that can be cumbersome and uncomfortable, especially under the arms or wrists and forearms, knee scooters offer a comfortable platform for the knee and allow for easier navigation around corners and through doorways.

    Quick and Responsive Customer Service: As highlighted by our customer, StrideOn provides exceptional service, making processes like rental extensions, delivery or collections straightforward and quick, adding to the overall ease and convenience during a stressful recovery period.

    Packing and Return Made Easy: The process of returning a rented knee scooter is made hassle-free with pre-labelled packaging, reflecting StrideOn’s commitment to customer convenience.

    Recovery from flat foot reconstruction surgery doesn't have to be a daunting, immobilising time.

    With the help of a StrideOn knee scooter, patients can maintain their independence, manage their daily activities, and significantly reduce the use of crutches. This not only aids in physical recovery by preventing strain on other parts of the body but also boosts mental well-being by allowing freedom of movement.

    Whether you are considering surgery or are in the midst of recovery, a knee scooter walker could be your best ally on the journey back to mobility and comfort.

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