• Navigating Your Holiday with a Lower Leg Injury

  • Planning a holiday at home or abroad when dealing with a lower leg injury can be a daunting task. Yet, with careful planning and the right tools, it's entirely possible to have a memorable, stress-free trip. One of the most practical aids for such a situation is a knee walker, and StrideOn is at the forefront, offering a versatile, comfortable, and dependable option. In this blog post, we'll share tips on travelling with a knee walker, and how StrideOn can turn potential challenges into opportunities for a fantastic holiday.

    Packing for Your Trip
    Traveling with a lower leg injury requires thoughtful packing. Hire your StrideOn Knee scooter a day or two before your journey starts so that you can ensure you are practiced at both scooting and importantly, slick at folding it down for stowage and up-righting it again to get mobile instantly. It's essential to carry items that will aid your mobility and ensure your comfort throughout your journey. Alongside your StrideOn knee walker, consider packing an additional cushion or pad (Additional premium knee pads and memory-foam accessories are available that are specific to the model that you hire) to provide extra comfort for your knee, especially during long journeys. Don't forget to include any necessary medical supplies, and always pack more than you think you might need. A waterproof cast & bandage protector is a good idea especially near pool splashings and of course a drink holder that’s fits on your knee walker handlebar is going to be most welcome.

    Accessibility Assistance
    Most travel companies and tourist attractions offer disability assistance. Prior to your trip, research the accessibility features of your chosen destination and arrange for any necessary services in advance. When booking flights, for instance, notify the airline of your situation so they can provide you with assistance at the airport.

    Choosing the Right Accommodation
    Accommodation plays a significant role in your overall holiday experience. Prioritise booking accommodations that are accessible and mobility friendly. Consider factors like the availability of lifts, wheelchair accessibility, and the proximity of your room to amenities. Communicate your needs to the hotel or host to ensure they can cater to them.

    StrideOn to the Rescue
    A StrideOn knee walker can make a substantial difference in your holiday experience. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, these knee walkers are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to explore your holiday destination with ease.

    The unique 90-degree patented turning circle of Model-StrideOn makes it the most manoeuvrable option in the UK market, particularly useful in compact spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms, while the Orthomate model comes into its own when outdoors sightseeing and navigating markets alike. They're both easy to assemble, fully adjustable, and offer a dual braking and the all important parking-brake, giving you the freedom to use your hands for other tasks when stationary. The detachable basket ensures you can carry your essentials wherever you go and is included with every hire as standard.

    Enjoy Your Trip
    Lastly, don't forget to have fun and enjoy your holiday! While dealing with a lower leg injury may present unique challenges, it shouldn't deter you from making the most of your trip. With a bit of pre-planning and the support of your StrideOn knee walker, you're all set to create unforgettable holiday memories.

    A lower leg injury doesn't have to stand in the way of an enjoyable holiday. By planning, making use of available assistance (don’t be shy), and leveraging the benefits of a StrideOn knee walker, you can turn your trip into a successful, enjoyable, and memorable experience. If you have any questions about travelling with a StrideOn knee walker, don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We're here to help ensure your journey is as comfortable and rewarding as possible. Happy travels!