• Managing lower leg injuries with Knee Walkers and Knee Scooters

  • A lower leg injury can cause pain and mobility issues for short or long periods of time. Whether someone has recently had bunion surgery to calf strain, there can be several issues while trying to recover.

    After seeking medical advice and treatment of the injury there can be long periods of time where you can be immobile and unable to manage simple activities from moving around the home to going outdoors.
    We understand the difficulties lower leg injuries can create and in conjunction with a health professional our NHS Approved knee walkers and scooters can support you in your rehabilitation and timely recovery.

    Our StrideOn Knee Walker and Orthomate Scooter can enable you to lead an almost normal daily life without the need for crutches and customers have said that their recovery has been a lot quicker by using them.

    • "Why, why, why didn't I get one of your StrideOn scooters when I first had my operation, it has completely changed my life. I feel so happy and for the first time in weeks I can freely move around my home and I've even decided I can go back to work. It's incredible. Thank you so much I just wish I had known about it earlier."

      Catherine, Cumbria

    The Knee Walker and Scooter are easy to use, by placing your knee on the cushion you will be able to steer your StrideOn whilst fully supporting your injured limb whether in the home, at work or outdoors, retaining your independence at a difficult time. Find out more about our StrideOn Knee Walker and Orthomate Scooter here >

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