• Knee Walkers. A Simple Guide to Your Mobility Aid Options

  • Having a broken leg or a foot in recovery, from surgery or injury, doesn't mean you have to put your life on pause. That's where knee walkers come in. You might hear them called knee scooters or knee walkers, and they're designed to help you move around without putting weight on your injury.
    Choosing the Right Mobility Aid
    Comparing knee walkers to other aids is a bit like finding what works best for you:
    Crutches: They're the traditional go-to, but they can be awkward and require a lot of upper body strength.
    Wheelchairs: Great for when you need to stay off your feet completely, but they don’t give you the same freedom to move quickly or navigate tight spaces.
    Walking Frames: These provide stability, but they're not the quickest on the move and often better suited to indoor use. Both frames & crutches still need you to hop!
    Knee walkers, on the other hand, offer a balance. You can move around, maintaining your independence, while your injured leg takes a break.
    The StrideOn Difference
    It is worth noting that not all knee walkers are made equal. StrideOn sets itself apart with quality that’s designed to last. Here's why:
    Built for Durability: StrideOn knee walkers are sturdy. They're designed to cope with your daily needs and last well beyond your recovery period. To keep your centre of balance in the correct spot, StrideOn knee walkers have an off-set knee pad that you can easily set for either a left or right ankle injury.
    Spare Parts Ready When You Are: If something wears out, you can easily replace it. StrideOn keeps a full stock of spares, so you're never stuck waiting.
    Maintenance Made Easy: StrideOn also offers a full maintenance service, keeping things running smoothly for you.
    A UK Original: These knee walkers are designed with the UK lifestyle in mind, ensuring they meet the highest safety and comfort standards. StrideOn also have optional accessories to make using your mobility aid even more effective or comfortable depending on your needs.
    If you're looking for a mobility aid while you recover, StrideOn offers a straightforward, reliable knee walker. With a solid build, easy maintenance, and clear, upfront pricing, it's a practical choice whether you're buying or renting.

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