• How our knee walkers improve the recovery process

  • Sustaining a lower leg injury can be a frustrating experience, especially when it hinders your mobility and independence. Crutches have been the go-to solution for decades when it comes to assisting individuals in moving around while healing from a lower leg injury. However, crutches come with their own set of challenges, such as instability, discomfort, and inconvenience. Fortunately, the StrideOn Knee Walker and Orthomate, which can significantly improve the recovery process and are a great mobility aid alternative.
    The StrideOn Knee Walker is a mobility device that allows individuals with lower leg injuries to move around without bearing weight on their affected leg. This walker consists of a platform on which you can rest your knee, a set of wheels, and handlebars for steering. This device is designed to offer enhanced stability, comfort, and convenience compared to crutches. When using the StrideOn Knee Walker, you can move around with ease, maintain proper posture, and have both hands free to carry things or perform other tasks.
    The Orthomate knee scooter, a great alternative to crutches for lower leg, foot and ankle non-weight bearing injuries. Suitable for indoors or outdoors. Designed by StrideOn to enhance your independence with its wide pneumatic tyres for additional comfort over uneven terrain. Comes with a basket for the little things that matter and double paddled braking system for your safety, which you can lock whilst doing your everyday tasks. The tiller folds easily for quick and easy storage. Available with next day delivery of your choice.
    One significant advantage of using the StrideOn Knee Walker and Orthomate is that they can help speed up the recovery process. When using crutches, your mobility is limited, which can lead to muscle atrophy, decreased circulation, and slower healing times. In contrast, the StrideOn Knee Walker and Orthomate allow you to move around with greater ease and comfort, promoting better circulation and muscle strength. Additionally, since these devices provide enhanced stability, you are less likely to sustain further injuries or setbacks while recovering.
    Another advantage of using the StrideOn Knee Walker and Orthomate is that they are more convenient and easy to use compared to crutches. With crutches, you need to maintain a proper posture and balance while walking, which can be challenging, especially if you are not used to using them. In contrast, the StrideOn Knee Walker and Orthomate are designed to provide stability and comfort, allowing you to move around with greater ease and confidence.
    In conclusion, if you have sustained a lower leg injury and are looking for a more effective and convenient alternative to crutches, the StrideOn Knee Walker and Orthomate are excellent options to consider. Both knee scooter can help promote faster healing, enhance your mobility and independence, and provide greater comfort and convenience compared to traditional crutches. Consult with your healthcare provider to see if the StrideOn Knee Walker and Orthomate are right for you.

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