• How can a StrideOn knee walker help me?

  • How can a StrideOn knee walker help me?

    We have put a list together of common injuries and surgeries where our StrideOn knee walkers can help you with your recovery.

    Obviously, we understand that everyone has different issues and therefore this is an example of where we may be able to help, however we do suggest speaking to your medical professional for advice.

    We have helped thousands of people in the UK recover from a range of lower leg issues including:

    • Bunions: For both rest and surgery, our knee scooters help with the short term recovery as well as long term if required.

    • Achilles tendon damage: From injury and surgery, our StrideOn and Orthomate have been used by a number of athletes when recovering from a sporting injury. The Orthomate is usually recommended due to more use outdoors and over a variety of terrains when trying to continue with activities.

    • Broken ankles/foot: Rather than using crutches, our knee scooters improve recovery rate times and enable users to continue with daily activities.

    • Ligament damage: Similar to Achilles tendon rupture, ligament damage can take several weeks to repair and our knee scooters make the recovery so much easier by supporting you to maintain a near normal lifestyle.

    • Lower leg surgery: Whether short term or long term rehabilitation is required after any lower leg surgery, the StrideOn, with its unique patented steering system allowing 360 degree turning capacity, makes it the ideal solution around the house and in the office. When several surgeries are required, medical professionals support the use of a knee walker to help with recovery.  They fully understand the need to maintain an active recovery which in turn helps with a positive mental attitude towards it.  In turn this can help hasten the recovery period.

    • Arthritis: Many of our customers use our knee walkers to help them if they have arthritis and must undergo surgery. It does not suit everyone depending on their condition and you should always take advice from your medical team before booking or buying.  Those that have benefitted have told us that it literally saved their sanity.  We continue to be proud that we are able to help a little in what are stressful moments.

    For more information or advice on our knee walkers and how they can help with your lower leg support, please contact our friendly team on 01823 216202.