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  • Guide to Travelling with a StrideOn Knee Walker and Orthomate Knee Scooter

  • Travelling with an injury can be a daunting experience, but with the right equipment, it doesn't have to be. A StrideOn knee walker or Orthomate knee scooter can make all the difference when you're exploring new places with a lower leg injury. These mobility aids provide comfort, stability, and independence, making your journey more enjoyable. In this blog, we'll discuss the ins and outs of travelling with a knee scooter, both within the UK and abroad. So, buckle up and let's get rolling!

    Travelling Abroad

    Air Travel: If you're planning to fly, it's essential to contact your airline in advance to inform them of your knee scooter. Most airlines will treat your knee walker as a mobility aid and allow you to take it onboard for free. While the StrideOn and Orthomate models are compact and lightweight, it's still a good idea to check the airline's size and weight restrictions. At the airport, request assistance if needed and be prepared for your knee scooter to go through security checks.

    Accommodation: When booking your accommodation, look for accessible options that cater to guests with mobility issues. Check for facilities like ramps, lifts, and accessible rooms, as well as the width of doorways and corridors to ensure your knee scooter can navigate with ease.

    Sightseeing: Research the accessibility of tourist attractions before visiting. Many popular destinations have wheelchair ramps and lifts that can be used by knee scooter users. In some cases, you may be entitled to discounted or free entry due to your mobility aid.

    Travelling Within the UK

    Train Travel: Travelling by train with a knee scooter is relatively easy in the UK. Contact the train operator at least 24 hours in advance to book assistance if needed. Most trains have designated spaces for mobility aids, ensuring you can travel comfortably.

    Buses: In the UK, many buses are wheelchair accessible, making it easy to board with a knee scooter. Just ensure there's enough space onboard for your knee walker before embarking.

    Taxis: Accessible taxis are widely available in the UK. When booking a taxi, mention that you're travelling with a knee scooter so the driver can ensure there's enough space for your mobility aid. It fits in a boot easily!

    Tips for Travelling with a Knee Scooter

    Maintenance: Before embarking on your journey, give your StrideOn or Orthomate knee scooter a thorough check. Ensure the brakes are working correctly, and all bolts and screws are tight. If you have any problems while you are on your holiday, remember that these are a very similar, technology, to a bicycle. If you get a puncture etc, then we suggest taking it to the bike shop.

    Comfort: Our comfortable knee pads make your journey more enjoyable. Long hours on a knee scooter can be tiring, so prioritise your comfort.

    Benefits of Our Knee Walkers

    One of the primary advantages of both the StrideOn and Orthomate knee walkers is their foldable design, which makes them perfect for travellers. We always suggest practicing collapsing/folding it away before you embark so that you are confident at the airport. Here are some benefits of using a foldable knee scooter:

    Easy Transportation: Foldable knee scooters can be easily collapsed, making them convenient to carry and transport in cars, trains, and buses. This feature also comes in handy when boarding a flight, as you can quickly fold it up and store it in the wheelchair storage area.

    Compact Storage: The ability to fold your knee walker means you can store it in tight spaces, such as hotel rooms, small apartments, or rental properties. This feature ensures that your mobility aid doesn't take up valuable space when not in use.

    Versatility: Our knee scooters are versatile, allowing you to use them in various settings, whether it's a busy urban area or a quiet countryside retreat. Their compact design makes them easy to navigate through narrow spaces and crowded environments.

    A StrideOn knee walker or Orthomate knee scooter can be a game-changer when travelling with a lower leg injury. Their foldable design ensures convenience and ease of use, whether you're flying, taking a train, or simply exploring your chosen destination. By planning ahead and considering the accessibility of your chosen destinations, you can enjoy a comfortable and stress-free journey. Keep your knee scooter well-maintained, prioritise your comfort and safety, and embrace the freedom of exploring new places on your trusty mobility aid.