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  • Enjoying the Euros 2024 with StrideOn Knee Walkers

  • We are all incredibly excited over the UEFA European Championship 2024, and for football fans recovering from lower leg injuries, the thought of missing out on live games or gatherings with friends might seem saddening.

    Inspired by the remarkable story of Wendy Dye, who cheered her favourite team at the stadium using her Orthomate, we explore how our knee walkers can help you enjoy every thrilling match of the Euros, whether at the stadium, in the pub, or any local venue.

    Wendy's Winning Experience at Portman Road
    Wendy Dye's adventure with her Orthomate knee walker at an Ipswich Town football match is a testament to the independence our knee scooters can bring. On a sunny day, despite her fractured fifth metatarsal, Wendy made her way to Portman Road Stadium. The electric atmosphere and a last-minute victory made her experience unforgettable. Her knee walker didn't just aid her mobility; it allowed her to be part of a community and the shared excitement of football.

    How StrideOn Can Enhance Your Euros 2024 Experience
    At the Stadium: Navigating the sprawling spaces of a stadium can be daunting with crutches or a wheelchair. A knee walker offers a stable and comfortable way to move around, ensuring you can navigate from the parking lot to inside the stadium with ease and comfort. With features like a basket, you can keep your essentials, like snacks and merchandise, handy.

    Watching at a Pub or Local Venue: Joining friends for a live screening at a pub or local venue is part of the football experience. A knee walker allows you to scoot right into the heart of the action, ensuring you are part of every celebration, without worrying about mobility. The ability to lock the brakes provides stability even in crowded settings, so you can focus on enjoying the game, clap and wave your arms while still standing head height with the crowd.

    Flexibility and Freedom: With the option to rent a StrideOn knee walker for any length of time, you don't have to worry about a long-term commitment. Extend the rental as needed, depending on your recovery timeline or the length of the championship.

    Join the Community: Just like Wendy, you can share your own Euro 2024 adventure with us. Whether it's a photo from the stadium or your local pub decked out in your team's colours, every shared story shows how we are all overcoming challenges and celebrating with a passion.

    Connect with Us and Share Your Story
    We love hearing from our customers and celebrating your recovery journeys. Wendy's story is just one of many, and as the climax to the Euros approaches, we invite you to take part in our ongoing community activities. Don't forget to follow us on social media and stay updated with all our customer stories and events:

    As Euro 2024 unfolds, don't let anything hold you back from supporting your favourite team and enjoying every Euro match. Let our knee walkers provide the support and freedom you need to celebrate every goal, pass and tackle, no matter where you are.