• Crutches vs Knee Walkers

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    Many people when recovering from issues with their feet like surgery, breaks or sprains can find using crutches difficult. They’re cumbersome, cause wear and tear to shoulders and wrists and for some hard to manoeuvre.
    The StrideOn Knee Scooter is an all-round alternative. It’s designed to increase your freedom of movement without the pain, fatigue and discomfort of crutches.
    To help you decide which is best for you, we’ve put together this helpful list of things to think about. If you want to know more then give us a call.

    • • Great for people with good upper body strength
    • • Once you know how to use them, you can take normal strides quickly and confidently
    • • They’re hireable and not costly
    • • You’ll get some exercise because using them can be hard work to begin with

    Things to think about:
    • • They can be cumbersome and tiring to use especially if you have to use them over any distance
    • • They can cause additional stress to shoulders, arms and wrists when used over extensive periods of time
    • • Some people don’t feel confident because they can be a bit wobbly, especially if you have poor upper body strength
    • • Everyday tasks where you need your hands, such as making a cup of tea become a challenge particularly if you want to take it with you whilst on the move
    • • You can be tempted to put your injured non-weight bearing limb down if you become unbalanced and this can cause further unwanted damage.

    StrideOn Knee Walkers & StrideOn Orthomate Scooter

    • StrideOn Knee Walkers and Orthomate Scooters are easy to use and require no tools to assemble them
    • • They are sturdy, stable and provide 100% support to the injured limb unlike crutches
    • • The Knee pad provides a supportive and cushioned comfort whilst recovering from a non-weigh bearing injury
    • • Knee Scooters are designed by us to support you whether your inside or out. The StrideOn is the most manoeuvrable Knee Walker on the market today and the Orthomate with its wide pneumatic tyres provides great stability on uneven terrain
    • • No undue stress to hands wrist or armpits
    • • NHS tried tested and approved
    • • Both our knee walkers and Orthomate scooter have additional extras available to help retain your independence at a difficult time for you
    • • Available to rent or buy with next day delivery

    You can find more information here and our experts at StrideOn can help you choose the best option for your recovery. Just give us a call on 01823 216202.

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