• Navigating the Challenges of Ankle Fusion Recovery with StrideOn

  • In the heart of Cheltenham, amidst the rolling hills and charming streets, one individual's journey through the intricate process of foot and ankle fusion recovery tells a story of how the StrideOn knee walker has helped her through the last challenging few years.
    Our customer, following a successful mid-foot fusion on one leg, has now had an unsuccessful ankle fusion surgery on her other leg and will be going in for a second operation shortly. Every time, she has used our StrideOn knee walker during recovery and has said we can share her story to highlight how our knee scooter has been fantastic every time.
    Working on a farm and equestrian facilities meant that our customer needed to maintain as mobile as possible while recovering. She was unable to non-weight bear with crutches and found our StrideOn knee walker was the perfect solution.
    The mobility aid enabled her to continue daily activities, with a bit more delegating than normal. By being able to still use her hands while non-weight bearing, she was able to still manage to fill hay nets, water buckets and get out and about around the yard.
    She said, “The StrideOn was and is a godsend. It helped me to continue my day-to-day life was critical for my mental health as well as being able to work and earn money! The last three years have been tough and I am just grateful I can still do plenty of ‘normal’ things while I’m recovering.”
    As our customer approaches her next operation date, she has hired our StrideOn knee scooter to arrive a few days before and as she is hiring for more than four weeks we are able to offer free delivery and collection.
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